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What if 
in 90 seconds 
you could connect 
with the child you love?
What if 
in 90 seconds 
you could connect 
with the child you love?
And what if doing so meant your time together could turn into 
a life-long adventure?
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"The single best book I have read on growing my child's confidence through asking her what she wants and getting the right person to model it for her.
Mind-blowing!" 😍

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Here's What You and Your Child 
will Discover & Enjoy 
in This Amazing FREE Book:
  •  ADVENTURE – the book is abundant in captivating situations, in which the main character is putting himself or is being put by his newly-found friends, so that a child will be entertained to listen, watch or read the story
  • THE NUMBERS FROM 1 to 11, introduced in the form of words as well as characters or animals one can count, this way the child can be engaged in various ways to learn them
  •  ALL MAIN COLORS, including white and black, again used not just as single words or colored shapes but as living animals, part of the pictures and text, allowing for learning, using MULTIPLE SENSES 
  •  VOCABULARY, or words important on both the younger spectrum of the audience, like BALL, MOMMY, DADDY etc., as well as more advanced for the older child, who can either listen to them or read them on their own
  •  GEOGRAPHY – fifteen countries on four continents are included in the journey of the main character, Roro, with the country names and locations shown on a world map for the benefit of the child, as well as the grown-up. Included countries in this journey are: Brazil, Argentina, Australia, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, China, India, Pakistan, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, Bulgaria, and Greece, touching four out of the seven continents of the world – South America, Australia, Asia, and Europe
  • ANIMALS – usually typical or connected to the respective country in a meaningful way, sixteen different animals are introduced in the book, so that the little ones can learn them
  • VEHICLES – with over 10 different vehicles, Roro travels the world, and doesn’t miss to also walk and hike, thus showing the young audience the multitude of transportation means available to a traveler
  •  HEALTHY ACTIVITIES – with addressing both exciting one-off, more on the adventure side activities, like scuba diving and swimming with a dolphin, as well as critical daily rituals, like taking a bath, napping, games, and hugs, the text encourages healthy habits
  •  COLORING – a few coloring pages are included, this way the child can also be engaged in yet another way of learning
  •  QUESTIONS – the grown-up reader is provided with some thoughtful sample questions to ask the child, so that both of them can practice one of the most important life skills, in the author’s opinion, namely asking relevant questions and listening for the answers. Questions are also a critical part of the Instant Child Connection process, later described
  •  HUMOR – a few silly pages are included to break up the flow, in case the child or their loving caregiver feel that the learning has become all-too-serious
  • COMMUNITY, a tribe or a family of like-minded, child-loving grown-ups, have come together to support each other and to build a life-long connection with any child they love.
  • READER BONUSES - see inside of the book for the link to those
Well, it's not really free...
I still pay for it... Paper, ink, labor and getting it shipped to me still costs money, doesn't it?
But it's FREE FOR YOU because...
  • TELL THE WORLD - This is my FIRST BOOK, so I am going all-out to tell the world it's here for grabs! I want to make sure I offer it to as many readers as possible 🌍📚📖
  • WORKBOOK - Roro goes... is really an ACTIVITY BOOK - with questions for the grown-up, with coloring pages and multi-level learning opportunities for the little ones... I am kind of proud of it, so... You are welcome!
  • PROMOTE THE ILLUSTRATOR - Momchil Nikolov [] worked with me on designing and illustrating the book for YEARS, until we perfected it for you to the level of quality you see it now. I want to thank him by giving away as many copies of his work with me - to help him gain AMAZING clients to work with, so he can continue working with me on all the future Roro goes... books. It makes a lot of sense, doesn't it? If you think you are an AMAZING CLIENT for Momchil, just get the FREE Roro Goes book now AND go to his website to buy some of his art prints or to get in touch with him to order custom art:
  • COMMUNITY - I have committed myself to being a parent for life, so... Might as well do it together, what do you think? One of the main points in Roro's adventure that helps him break through his comfort zone and expand into new activities is the community of new friends he is able to build on his journey. They are all "experts" in their own little field of expertise and show Roro the joy of their favorite activity, serving as a role model or mentor for him... Speaking of expertise 👇
  • TO SHARE MY HUMBLE DISCOVERY - Bond with your child in 90 seconds - I want too to give something to the world. My unique little gift for you is this: a process I use with my son Max to connect very fast, so we can go on a win-win binge every time we do something together... Or, ALMOST every time, shall we say 🤣
  • IT IS THE SEASON - it's the Holiday season, so this is my BIGGEST gift-giving I've ever done in my life so far...  🎁🎀🤗 Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones!

Passion on White Thunder

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